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04. Introduce your students to blogging

So you want to teach blogging?  You might start by getting some background information.  Some teachers give a formal pre-test, others make it very informal by engaging the class in a discussion.  Here are some possible questions:

  • Have you ever posted writing to a blog?
  • Have you ever read a blog?
  • What is a blog?
  • How is a blog different than a text message, a tweet, a forum post, a social networking post, a web page, etc.
  • Why do people blog?

Here’s a kid friendly animation from Brain Pop that explains blogging better than I can:
  Brain POP – Blogging

You may also want to get personal by sharing your own blogging experience and show some of the blogs that you follow (or might want to follow).  Here are some examples:

3 popular blogs:

3 blogs I like:

3 blogs I’ve created:

3 blogs your students might like:

After you’ve given examples of blogs (paper copies or online), give students a chance to discuss and write down ideas about the types of blogs they would like to create.

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