Jul 11

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05. A good blogger is a master of the essay.

I used to hate writing essays.

Ask your students or colleagues to discuss how they feel about writing an “essay”.  Then ask them to discuss the word “blog”.  Chances are that you will get more favorable responses from the latter.  Let me share a secret:  A good blogger is merely a master essay writer.  The components that make a great essay also make a great blog post.  Let me give you a few:

  • Captivating title
  • First sentence hooks or grabs the reader’s attention
  • Author supports the main idea with statistics, scenarios, or personal experiences
  • Author gives insightful commentary or analysis
  • Distinct voice

I’ve learned to love writing essays so that I can post them to my blog.  If you teach your students how to write a good blog post, they will also be masters of the essay.

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