Aug 26

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21. Free Online Interactive Books for Kids

 Free Interactive Books!

StorylineOnline.net is a collection of more than 25 popular picture books read by famous actors.  The website is produced by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.  Activity guides and other suggested activities are available for each book.  Here are some of the examples of books and readers included on the site:

  • Polar Express read by Lou Diamond Phillips
  • Romeow and Juliet read by Haylie Duff
  • Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White
  • Brave Irene read by Al Gore
  • Me and My Cat read by Elijah Wood

TOON Book Reader (ProfessorGarfield.org) currently has 11 free books that can be read online in your choice of 5 languages:  English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Some books aren’t available in all the languages).  Toon Books are comic books for beginning readers.  The books are divided into three reading levels.  Audio is played when the reader clicks on the text bubble.  There are teacher resources and other activities available at Toon in the Classroom.  (Some of the books can be downloaded for free to iPods or iPads, but it costs extra for audio and languages other than English).  Here are the titles of their award winning books:

  • Little Mouse
  • Stinky
  • Benny & Penny and the Big No-No


MeeGenius! is a site where interactive books can purchased.   They can be read online or on mobile devices like iPods or iPads.  Readers can follow along as the words are highlighted when the book is being read.  The site currently has 5 free books:

Free Interactive Books

Devious Devin’s Blog is a site I created.  It currently contains 8 blog posts of pranks, gags, and booby traps that follow a similar structure as Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Like Wimpy Kid books, this site’s intended audience is middle school aged boys.  Each post has audio and some of the posts have short quizzes at the end (work in progress).

Do you know of any other good interactive book websites that offer free reads?

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