Sep 21

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29. Free Online Classroom Management Tool – ClassDojo

 ClassDojo is a fun and easy way to track student behavior.  If you use a point system to track behaviors, you might want to try out ClassDojo.com.

My students loved choosing an adorable creature to represent them.

Because ClassDojo is customizable, you can probably think of a lot of uses for this program other than positive and negative behaviors, such as “met” or “not met” any number of daily tasks or goals.  Watch the video below to see it in use in my classroom:

I don’t use a point system for classroom management, but I may use ClassDojo to track certain students whom I feel would benefit from a behavior plan.  In such a case, I would use an iPod Touch during class to keep track of their points (The ClassDojo App is listed on my Free Apps post).  You can accept a ClassDojo referral from me if you’d like.  Please tell me what you think of ClassDojo by leaving a comment below.

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        I love doing class dojo

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          Even i can download the classdojo on the app store

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