Jan 10

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39. Student Participation with Class Dojo and a SMART Board

When guests visit my classroom, they immediately notice some unique routines I use to begin class.  At the beginning of the year I began using Class Dojo to track student participation in various activities.  (You can read my post that explains more about Class Dojo here.)  I decided to integrate my SMART Board by allowing students to select their names from the sidebar to indicate that they are present and have written the day’s learning target in their planners.  Check out this video from my classroom:

After I give the award, I randomly select a student from a virtual hat and have them roll the dice on the SMART Board to randomly select the day’s grammar challenge (see my Grammar Punk post for more details)…you may see a video of this in the near future.

I’m very impressed with Class Dojo.  Not only do they have a great product, but the company very receptive to teacher feedback.  I spoke to Kalen from Class Dojo about making it easier for students to select their names (switch function of sidebar and main screen or ability to move the sidebar).  You can post your ideas or read other teachers’ ideas on Class Dojo’s teacher feedback page.

What are your start-of-the-class procedures?  Do you use Class Dojo?

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  1. Misspespanol

    LOVE class dojo too! Appreciate the idea of writing down the learning objective/ teaching target in a planner to log students learning journey. Any chance you have digit copies of that template that you’re willing to share? Thanks for considering!

    1. Matt Hurst

      Thanks! Our school provides all students with the planners and most of our teachers have students write an agenda, learning objective, or something else each day. I will ask our office staff if I can get a digital copy to share. Great idea to get a digital copy (if available).

  2. Dojo-Queen

    i really am appriciative for class dojo,now when i say do something they do it the first time to earn more dojo points.

  3. Her Damisa Johnson Class Dojo

    Class Dojo

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