Feb 01

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45. Socrative – Best Online Assessment Tool for Your Classroom

  Socrative is a learner response system currently in beta.  Here’s how it works:

Teachers set up a quiz or survey for students to respond to, and students use any Internet connected device to access the quiz or survey (join the room).

Students’ responses are charted in real time. Those responses can be projected from the teacher’s computer for the class to see (Space Race screen shown below).

Results can be saved, downloaded or e-mailed in a spreadsheet format.

The following video shows my my students using my favorite Socrative feature:  Taking a quiz as a Space Race.

In all my years of teaching I’ve never had students begging me to give them quizzes until I started using Socrative!

Teacher and student apps are available (free) for all the Apple iDevices.

(See my post about Soapbox to learn about another great learner response system.)

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  1. Miss B

    What about students who are not doing well or whose rocket ship is not advancing, or advances slowly as I saw on the video? How does this affect their self-esteem with the entire class being able to see their lack of progress.

    1. Matt Hurst

      Great questions! The rocket ships are anonymous. Space Race is designed to be done in teams (random or student selected), as only 11 rockets can be shown at a time. This makes it even more difficult for students to know whether or not their correct answer is making the rocket ship move forward. I am fortunate to have some small classes where my students have really good rapport with one another, so assigning an individual rocket to a student works. Furthermore, my small classes are leveled appropriately, so that all the rocket ships are typically in the same place at the end of the race.

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