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63. Best Avatar Creation Tools for Student Profile Images

UPDATE (2014):  Sorry, but the sites mentioned below are no longer active.  Please suggest other sites in the comments below or you could check out the link to “My Students Favorite 13 Avatar Creators” mentioned below.)

Most online profile pages allow you to upload an image of yourself.  I allow my students to create cartoon versions of themselves for their profiles.  There are some great avatar creation sites, but the best ones are easy for students to use, appropriate for all ages, and do not require a login in order to download images.  Here are my three favorites:

1.  ClayYourself.com by Hotels.com allows you to form your avatar’s profile out of clay.


2.  ToyStoryCreator.com allows you to create your own toy to use for your profile image.


3.  WimpYourself.com is the place to visit for Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans!

If you’d like more sites, take a look at this post by Mike Alfred:  My Students Favorite 13 Avatar Creators.

What are your favorites?

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