Nov 07

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67. Capture, Catalog & Share Student Work using the ThreeRing App

The ThreeRing app is a great way to create digital portfolios of student work.  And it’s free!  Setup and use of the app is very simple.  To set up a ThreeRing account, you’ll need register on their website, create your classes (copy & paste class lists), and add tags (categories that enable you to search for student work).  It might be useful to choose tags based on common core standards or other skills you teach.  Once your account is set up, the fun begins!

After downloading the ThreeRing app from the iTunes store, you can take photos, videos, or sound recordings of students working or student work using an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.  The images, videos or sound recordings are automatically uploaded and synced to your ThreeRing account.  Here is a video of me showing how easy it is to select students, tags, and capture student work:

When student work is uploaded to your account, you can search by student name or tag to easily find what you’re looking for.  There’s a text box where you can add notes.  It is also easy to share a piece of work with a student (if they have an account) or parents (if you have their email addresses).  Here’s a screenshot from my ThreeRing account:

I plan on using ThreeRing to show off student work during parent-teacher conferences.  I can’t wait!

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