Nov 28

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69. How to Increase Student Interaction with the SMART Board

Most teachers with SMART Boards (or other interactive whiteboards) love having a giant touch screen at the front of their classrooms.  Interactive whiteboards are awesome tool for teachers.  However, I believe that they can be even more engaging and effective if also used by students.  Since only one student at a time can interact with a SMART Board’s touch screen, several activities work best in teams, where members tag or hand off a pen to the next participant.

Here are a few ways my students interact with the SMART Board in my classroom:

1.  Students take their own attendance at the beginning of class using ClassDojo.

2.  Flash games, like Jeopardy from SuperTeacherTools.com

3.  Interactive games and tools from the SMART Notebook software and the SMART Exchange site (graphic organizers, dice, spinners, draw tools, etc.)

Check out this short video of my students interacting with the SMART Board in my classroom:

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