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70. Ten Free iPad Apps for Creating and Sharing Lessons

The first category of free apps turn your iPad into a recordable whiteboard, and allow you to share video tutorials and lessons.  These are all great apps.

screen chomp  ScreenChomp – Novice users will like ScreenChomp for its simplicity.  This app is geared toward the younger crowd.

showme app ShowMe Unlike ScreenChomp,  ShowMe allows users to search for and view presentations created by other users.

educreations app Educreations – Much like ShowMe, Educreations stores content for users to share with one another.  Another great feature is that users can add multiple slides to use during a presentation.

knowmia app ipad KnowmiaThis app includes more advanced features than the previously mentioned apps.  It’s not quite as robust as the Explain Everything app ($2.99), but it has several similar features, and it’s free.

doceri app  Doceri is another robust presentation creation tool with several advanced features.  It also provides the technology to use the app as a remote to control your Mac or PC and present from your iPad through WiFi (for those who don’t have AppleTV AirPlay).  This requires you to download the Doceri Desktop software to your computer.

baiboard app BaiBoard is a collaborative, multi-page space where users can view and access your screen from multiple devices (even a desktop computer).  Collaborators can access presentations saved in PDF format from Dropbox or Google Drive.  Although a screen recording feature is not available, like the previously mentioned apps, snapshots can be taken and exported to various places.

This next category of presentation tools includes apps that do not contain the recordable whiteboard element:

prezi-app Prezi is an amazing pan and zoom presentation creation tool that now has an app that makes it easy to create unique presentations from you iPad.  You can also access Prezi’s collection of presentations from the app.

Goclass app GoClass is a presentation creation tool that allows the teacher to deliver and sync presentations across student devices.  Teachers can view their rosters, embed images, videos, and assessments into their presentations.

Nearpod-app Nearpod allows you to synchronize presentations across iPods or iPads.  Students view slides, watch videos, and take quizzes simultaneously as the teacher swipes to the next slide.  Currently, presentations must be created from your desktop.

Idea_Flight_iPad app Idea Flight is a free presentation app (with in-app purchases) similar to Nearpod in that it allows the “pilot” to sync his/her iPad with up to 16 “passenger” iPads.  This app requires users to log in with Facebook or LinkedIn.  Its in-app purchases include increasing the passenger load to 30 and a “passenger call button”.  Presentations must be in PDF format to be viewed with Idea Flight.  This is my least favorite of all the apps in this post.

Are there other free presentation creation apps that I should have included in this post?  Which is your favorite?  Please respond in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!

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