Dec 28

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71. Progressive Brainstorming to Compare and Contrast

A progressive brainstorm is a great way for students to preview or review knowledge of a topic.  Students enjoy the process of collaboration with a small group.  I have added this activity in an effort to ensure that my English Language Learners are thinking, talking, and actively engaged while using advanced language in dialogue.

I start by giving each group a large piece of poster paper.  Once students have written down their ideas about a topic on their poster paper (2-3 minutes), they rotate to another group’s paper, and add their ideas to that poster.  This process continues until all the groups have visited all the posters.

I recently added an additional step to the process.  Once the brainstorms are complete, two groups combine to compare and contrast their brainstorms.  This can be done on a large Venn diagram.  Finally, each member uses a complex sentence to compare or contrast the two topics.  Take a look at the video below:

What are some strategies or activities that you use to get your ELL students talking and actively collaborating during class?

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