Mar 17

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72. Rover App – Free iPad Browser that Runs Flash

Rover app Rover is a safe web browser for schools using iPads. It is unique because it streams Flash content that is inaccessible with other browsers.  You can download it in the Apple app store here.

Rover Pro Rover App 006

Rover app for the iPad, which has over 1 million downloads to date, announced that it will remain free with support from 3rd party featured content providers. More than 20 educational content partners have already signed up to support the Rover browser.

Many educational websites with interactive content are built with Adobe Flash; however, this presents a problem when using an iPad, because iPads don’t support Flash. Rover solves this problem by streaming web content. It is estimated that Rover streams over 1,000 hours of content per hour. As an Edmodo user, I’ve noticed that several of their apps require Flash. Those apps can be accessed with Rover.

Without Rover:

Rover App 003

 With Rover: 

  Rover App 001

With the recent announcement, comes a noticeable change. When visiting a site that is not on the list of featured content providers, the message below will appear for about 20 seconds, before continuing on to the site you are visiting.  If you’d rather not see this message appear each time you visit an unsupported site, there’s a $4.99 in-app-purchase that will prevent this message from appearing.

Rover App 005

Do you use the Rover browser?  If so, I’m curious which sites you access with it.  Please let me know in the comments below.  Thanks!

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  1. Barbara Kukuchek

    Do you know where I could find a list of the educational sites Rover partners with. We have Rover Pro, but not they paid Rover app. My class lost the ability to do Sumdog on their iPads and they are very disappointed.

    1. Kris Johnson

      I have the same issue….and Sumdog isn’t compatible on Ipad 1 without it.

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