Are Arduino clones illegal?

Are Arduino clones illegal?

The reference designs for the Arduino boards are available from their specific product pages. They’re licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, so you are free to use and adapt them for your own needs without asking permission or paying a fee.

What are Arduino clones?

A market developed for products we call Clones which are exact (or almost exact) replicas of Arduino boards with a different branding , i.e. they are usually named with some variation of Ardu-something or something-duino.

Is there such a thing as a counterfeit Arduino?

Fake, or counterfeit Arduinos, are direct copies of official boards. They use the same name, logo, branding and design of Arduino boards, and are designed to trick buyers into thinking they have bought an official board.

What’s the difference between an Arduino Uno and a clone?

Differences between an authentic Arduino Uno from Italy and a counterfeit board made in China, including a test of the functionality. Since Arduino was released, there have been many clones made. Sometimes people refer to them as counterfeit or fake boards.

How can you tell if an Arduino board is a fake?

On an official Arduino, this is a custom made component, whereas fake Arduino boards have to make do with an off-the-shelf (and usually green) component. On the rear of the board is a map of Italy, and various other information about the board. Again, the font and the logo are dead give-aways of a fake board.

What’s the difference between an Arduino and a Chinese knockoff?

Inside: the board, stickers, an annotation, and a protective plastic backing for the board. The Chinese knockoffs most often come in a simple plastic bag (right). The Italians use a special mix of several color masks to produce the boards, resulting in a turquoise color, which is difficult to convey even in pictures.