Can a SKR mini E3 work on an Ender 5?

Can a SKR mini E3 work on an Ender 5?

Here’s the setup on my Ender-5 with a SKR Mini E3 and BL Touch 3.1. After solving some issues with BL Touch, LCD Panel and bed heating the printer is finally working. As there is little documentation about this board and how to properly configure everything, I thought it could be useful to share my experience with the community.

Is the SKR mini E3 v2.0 Firmware compatible?

I managed to recompile the firmware base on the BTT repo with some customization for my E5. That said someone needs to recompile and update the firmware (based on the BTT repo) for the E5-s so less experienced people can start using the V2.0 board in a plug and play manner.

Is there a unit problem with Ender 5?

Now if I move Y axis through the Marlin menu, +220 just moves back a couple of inches. Could it be a unit problem? 220mm = ~55mm on my Y axis, or pretty much 1/4 of what it should be. If your esteps for the y axis are only 1/4 of what they should be, this will happen. Thats the first thing I’ll be looking at

What should the Z screw value be on Ender 5?

If you have older Z screw, change value from 800 to 400. If you have default extruder, change value from 142 to 93. 142 is for dual gear aluminium extruder. 415 is for Trianglelabs dual gear extruder. And change language. Mine is Czech. This is very frustrating. Would anyone have a compiled Ender 5 Pro firmware, without BL Touch.

Is the stepper motor on my Ender 3 getting hot?

Sign in to your account Stepper motors on my Ender 3 are getting very hot using Skr mini E3 board. I am using the default firmware which was provided. I am wondering which parameters I should tune in configuration_adv.h for tmc2209?

Why do I need slave address on SKR mini E3?

Correct because the SKR Mini E3 V1.2 uses software serial. Related to that: you’ll see slave addresses have been added to the SKR Mini E3 V2.0 since BigTreeTech went back to using hardware serial. Ok so I need to keep all SLAVE_ADDRESS to 0?