Can a tag wiki include full Markdown syntax?

Can a tag wiki include full Markdown syntax?

The excerpt is the “elevator pitch” for the tag, and is shown in many places where the tag is used. However, its length is limited, and it cannot include Markdown. The full tag wiki looks and works very much like a question or an answer, and supports full Markdown syntax.

Which is the best example of tag writing?

Take these two examples to understand the TAG writing better: Overcoming the odds, triumphs and challenges, The Legend of Humphrey Jones, John Doe, a book fitting the autobiography genre.

How is tag title genre placed in a sentence?

As you can see in the better example, TAG: title author genre is placed in the sentence without disrupting the flow of the important details of the thesis. Listing each element one by one does not make any sense.

How is HTML used in a wiki page?

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a language used on websites to format the layout and content. Wiki pages are generally managed by wikitext rather than HTML, so only a limited number of HTML tags can be used on articles. HTML (and wikitext) can be written and managed while using the editor ‘s source editor.

What are the warning signs of over tagging on Wikipedia?

Here are four specific warning signs of overtagging: It is very rare that more than two or three tags are needed, even on the worst articles. Adding more tags usually results in all of them being ignored. Focus your attention on the most important one or two issues.

What do you mean by tags in Wikipedia?

This page is about tags that users insert in articles. For information on tags that robots insert in edit histories, see Wikipedia:Tags. This is an essay. It contains the advice or opinions of one or more Wikipedia contributors.

Where can I find the full tag wiki?

A “learn more” link, shown alongside the excerpt, points to the “info” tab for the tag, which shows the full tag wiki. This is also the place where both the excerpt and the full tag wiki can be edited. If the tag has no full tag wiki, but does have an excerpt, the excerpt is shown in the info tab instead.