Can you clean PEI with acetone?

Can you clean PEI with acetone?

Acetone rejuvenates the PEI surface by removing oxidation, but can eventually contribute to cracking of the PEI. Consider a wipe every month or so for conditioning. Here again, apply a small puddle in the center of the PEI and use a clean paper towel to wipe away from the print area.

Can I clean my print bed with acetone?

We recommend using an unscented IPA in a concentration over 70% to clean your sheet. This will clean the vast majority of oils on the sheet. Acetone also works well for dissolving any leftover plastic on the bed. Simply pour the acetone into a cloth until damp, then carefully wipe the cloth across the bed’s surface.

Can you sand PEI?

Do NOT sand it down to try and get it flat. Apply light pressure and give the bed a decently even scuffing. Immediately after scuffing the print surface go back to our initial cleaning regimen of dish soap and isopropyl alcohol.

Does PEI need glue?

What is a PEI Sheet? Polyetherimide, more commonly known in its abbreviated form PEI, is a “relatively maintenance free” build surface that can be used for all types of filament on a heated or unheated print bed. It doesn’t require any additional adhesives such as glue or tape.

How often should you wipe Pei sheet with acetone?

When you see models coming loose regularly, wipe the surface thoroughly with acetone to restore the adhesion. This should only be used in the smooth PEI sheet and only around once per month. Do not overuse acetone. Extended use makes PEI surface brittle. Also, do not use acetone before printing with PETG.

What do I need to cleanse a Pei surface?

Depending on how much you’ve mistreated your PEI surface, you’re going to need a few different things. For a basic cleanse, you’ll need warm water and some sort of alcohol, I use denatured ethanol.

Can you use ABS juice on a smooth Pei sheet?

Be gentle when flexing the sheet and removing the print as the smooth PEI foil can tear. ‘ABS juice’ should only be used on the Smooth PEI sheet only, when printing ABS prints. It is a mixture of Acetone and ABS pellets. ABS scraps, brims, or failed prints can be used too.

Can you use denatured alcohol on a Pei sheet?

Denatured alcohol is also an option. We recommend always using 90% IPA. Lower percentage solutions may contain unsuitable chemicals and oils. PETG, XT, and CPH filaments are an exception – the adhesion may be too strong, and you can damage your Smooth PEI sheet.