Can you have 2 void loops Arduino?

Can you have 2 void loops Arduino?

Each function runs one at a time. But, since the delay has been removed from the light1/2 functions, they will end quickly during the ‘waiting’ period instead of pausing execution. This will allow the motor(s) to run and lights to blink all at the same time. No you cannot.

Can I have multiple loops in Arduino?

The Scheduler library allows the Arduino Due to manage multiple tasks at the same time. By setting up a number of other functions that run the same way loop() does, it’s possible to have separate looping functions without a dedicated timer.

Do you need a void loops in Arduino?

Void setup and void loop: mandatory functions in Arduino The Arduino void setup and void loop functions are mandatory. Try to compile a code with one of those functions missing, and you’ll get an error.

What is void setup in Arduino?

Void setup is technically a function that you create at the top of each program. Inside the curly brackets is the code that you want to run one time as soon as the program starts running. The loop is another function that Arduino uses as a part of its structure.

Do you need to create a void in Arduino?

As for void setup, there’s no need to write all the code directly in the function. You can create as many other functions as you want ( and classes too ), and call those functions in the void loop. Ideally, the void loop should contain just a few lines calling other functions.

Can you start multiple void loops at the same time?

I’m using an Arduino Uno. Can I start all the void loops at the same time? As the others have stated, no you can’t have multiple loop functions. What you need to do is modify your approach so that each thing you are trying to do can be done sequentially without blocking (ie: remove the delay function usage).

What are the setup and loop functions in Arduino?

In Arduino, there is no main function. This is replaced by setup and loop. Instead of one mandatory function, you have 2. All your Arduino program must include those functions. On top of them, you can add any number of functions, variables, and create as many files as you want.

Do you block the execution of void loop?

In the void loop (and any function called from the void loop) you don’t want to block the execution of the code too long, especially if you plan to do some kind of multi-threading with your Arduino.