Google Music takes on iTunes Match

Google Music takes on iTunes Match

Google music has footprints of Apple and iTunes Match. In fact, Google music fares much better than iTunes Match. It is been claimed by competitors that Google has the tradition of stealing ideas from others and implement them in large scale.

This can be substantiated in implementation of cloud storage and Android Operating System by Google. There are compelling stories on the advent of GMusic with a capability to overthrow iMatch.

Interestingly, GMusic is available free of cost. There are more than 20,000 free songs available on Google music and it is expanding its music base by including more popular music albums as never before.

These songs can be enjoyed through Android powered devices, iOS enabled devices and through a web browser. These free songs will definitely attract music lovers who are accustomed to YouTube and Spotify where they can listen to a song before then can purchase the same.

It will be a strong bet for other competitors like iTunes, Spotify and Napster. In future, GMusic stands as a strong alternative to Amazon and iTunes and in the long run people may shift into multi-service provider, the technology giant – Google.

Google is expanding its existing services and offering quite a few new products. In recent past, there has been noteworthy developments in Google+ by launching circles, hubs and ripples.

Let us check the comparison between iTunes and GMusic. iTunes is available at a premium. You have to pay $25 per year to access music on computer which has iTunes desktop application on it. The total number of devices than can access music from this subscription is 10. To access music through mobiles, they should be iOS enabled.

These are the stipulations that pertain to access of music through iTunes. On the other hand, Google music is available absolutely free of cost. There is no restriction on the number of devices that can access GMusic. If you want to play music on your mobile phone, you can download the free application and access the music

Google music for smartphones

The Google music app is available for download and can be used on Android powered smartphones. In the coming days it will be available through iOS enabled devices also if Google gets permission for the same from Apple.

The other alternative to access music through mobile phones is the ability to access Google music through a web browser. As all the high end current generation mobile phones are featured with a web browser, it will be a plus point for Google Music.

iTunes’ edge over Google music

Coming to the benefits associated with iTunes, it has a fast track new album upload rate compared to GMusic. iTunes Match will play all music files at high quality 256 kbps AAC while GMusic plays songs of all kinds of formats.

ITunes Match offers 25000 songs whereas Google music is offering only 20000 songs. And, of course the difference comes in the form of monthly subscription. Unless, you are in need of those specific category of songs, i.e., the difference between 25000 and 20000, you can enjoy with Google music where there is no need of any payment.

With the advent of Google music, there will be pressure on iTunes Match as it will be forced to select one out of three options. First option is to reduce the subscription per month, the second option is going for a ‘pay as you go’ option and the third option is opening doors wide like Google with a free banner.

The coming days will decide the success or fate or future of Google music in toppling other competitors and standing as a conqueror.