How do I combine multiple STL files in Slic3r?

How do I combine multiple STL files in Slic3r?

Slic3r has the feature to combine multiple STL files into a multi-material AMF file. Split the original design into the separate parts within the CAD program, and export each part as STL. Within Slic3r, load one of the STLs into the plater. Right-click on the part and select “Settings”.

How to import multiple files into Prusa slicer?

⬢ Select a file or multiple files. Drag and drop them directly into PrusaSlicer window. You can also use the menu File – Open Project in Prusa Slicer. ⬢ PrusaSlicer recognizes a multi-part object and offers you to import it as a single object. Click “Yes”. Double-click the color field in the Filament menu to assign a color to each filament.

When to use multiple extruders in Slic3r print settings?

For single material prints, where the secondary extruder is to be tasked with a particular extrusion, the Multiple Extruderssection of the Print Settingstab gives the ability to assign an extruder to each extrusion type. Multiple extruder options – Print Settings Tab.

What are the options for multiple extruders on a printer?

Multiple extruder options – Printer Settings Tab (Extruder). The Extruder offsetis to be used should the firmware not handle the displacement of each additional nozzle.

How do I generate support material in Slic3r?

The first thing to do is activate the support material option by checking the Generate support material box. Providing a value of zero to the Overhang threshold parameter tells Slic3r to detect places to provide support automatically, otherwise the degrees given will be used.

How does a Slic3r script output a G-code?

Each script will be passed the absolute path of the G-code file that Slic3r generates. The script will need to modify it in-place; alternatively it can output the new G-code to a temporary file and then overwrite the original one with it. All Slic3r configuration options are made available to the scripts by way of environment variables.

Do you need executable path for Slic3r script?

The absolute path to each script can be added, separated by semicolons. Each scripts should be recognised by the host system, and be executable. Post-processing script option.