How do I connect to my HC-05?

How do I connect to my HC-05?

Select the HC-05 Bluetooth Module on the display and double click the Serial Port Icon to connect. Key in default passwords: 1234 on [Passkey] to connect HC-05 Bluetooth Module. After key in correct passkey, the window will show which serial COM is connected to HC-05 Bluetooth Module.

How do I connect Bluetooth to Arduino?

How to use the App?

  1. Download the Application form here or here.
  2. Pair your device with HC 05/06 Bluetooth module1) Turn ON HC 05/06 Bluetooth module2) Scan for available device3) Pair to HC 05/06 by entering default password 1234 OR 0000.
  3. Install LED application on your android device.
  4. Open the Application.

How do I connect my HC-06 to my phone?

The first thing to do is to power on the Bluetooth module and see if you can connect to it. For this you need an Android device. With the Bluetooth module powered and the LED(s) blinking, on the Android device go to Settings => Connections => Bluetooth and scan for Bluetooth devices. Here the phone has found the HC-06.

Can a Arduino module connect to an hc-05 module?

The first mistake people make when rushing to get the HC-05 module is when they connect the TX from the Arduino directly to the RX in the Hc-05. However, the TX on the Arduino transmits a 5 volt (5v) signal, whereas the RX on the Hc-05 accepts only upto 3.3 volts (3v).

How to connect hc-05 RXD to Arduino breadboard?

Now we will have to connect the HC-05 RXD. First we need to establish a voltage divider using the 2K and the 4.6K ohm resistors. First connect one end of the 2K resistor to Arduino D2 pin, the connect the other end to any unused line in the breadboard, then into this line connect the 4.6K resistor and the other end to the GND. See the image above.

What is the voltage of HC05 Bluetooth module?

HC05 Bluetooth module important specifications: Working voltage: 3.6V – 5VInternal antenna: YesAutomatic connection to the last device: Yes HC05 module has an internal 3.3v regulator and that is why you can connect it to 5v voltage. But we strongly recommend 3.3V voltage, since the logic of HC05 serial communication pins is 3.3V.

How does the hc-05 connect to the nano?

I have the serial monitor open on my laptop monitoring the Nano. The HC-05 connects via pins 10 & 11. When the phone connects to the HC-05, the data printed on the serial monitor is garbage. That is what I get. The app is set to transmit a “1” via BT to the Nano.