How do I make STL files for 3D printing?

How do I make STL files for 3D printing?

Autodesk Inventor

  1. Select IPro > Print > 3D Print Preview.
  2. Select Options and choose desired resolution and click OK.
  3. Within the preview window, select Save Copy As or Send to 3D Print Service.
  4. Save As type to STL File (*.stl)

What is the most accurate 3D printing method?

Selective laser sintering (SLS) turns loose material into a compacted shape via sudden, intense heat; in this case, it’s transforming powder-like, nylon-based plastic into a solid mass with a high-powered laser. A relatively new and more expensive technology, SLS is by far the most accurate 3D-printing method.

How do I smooth STL files?


  1. Use Netfabb (download available here: Netfabb downloads) to clean up your STL.
  2. Open up Blender and import your STL by going to the menu bar and click File > Import > STL. (
  3. Open Edit Mode to display the polygons of the STL by pressing Tab.
  4. Convert the triangles into quads by pressing Alt+J.

What is the cheapest 3D printing method?

3D printing costs depend on the type of printing technology used. There are 3 types: SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), SLA (Stereolithography) and FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). FDM is the cheapest technology among the three listed, and SLS is the most expensive one.

How do you make a good 3D print?

To get a really professional finish, build up coats of high build filler primer. Once each layer is dry, sand it down and repeat until smooth. You can then paint with a plastic paint to give a true professional grade finish to production quality prints.

How do you make a 3D model smooth?

A well-known technique for smooth ABS 3D prints is to place the print in a sealed container filled with acetone mist. The acetone interacts with the ABS and melts the plastic in a slow and controlled way to create a super smooth model.

How do I view an STL file?

To open an STL file go to Start a new model and choose From a 3D file. You can browse for your file on the hard drive or drag and drop it into the browser.

How to make STL 3D printer files step by step?

Just go to TinkerCAD, create an account, go through the short tutorial on the platform and get to modeling. Once you get the hang of one CAD program and the way designing a model works, you can move onto other programs, but at first just stick to one simple program.

Do you need to repair a STL file?

STL file format is one of the most commonly used file formats. Thus, you will find many 3D models using this file format when looking for a 3D file to 3D print. Sometimes, you will have to repair your STL files, so here are some tips to help you with this files repairing process.

What kind of software can I use to edit a STL file?

If you want to use a modeling software to edit your STL file, you have two options: 1. You can either use a CAD software (Computer Aided Design). Initially, it’s made for construction. Thus, it provides solid modeling and exact measurements. It’s not designed for 3D printing in the first place but you can use it anyway to edit your STL files.

Which is the best format for 3D printing?

The most popular format on the internet for 3d printed objects is the humble STL file. These files are great for slicing, but they’re not so great for editing. STL is basically the PDF of the 3d printer world.