How do I pair HM10?

How do I pair HM10?

BLE Scanner Android App

  1. Once the installation is completed, open the App and enable Location and Bluetooth permission.
  2. Scan for the bluetooth devices. The name of HM-10 BLE 4.0 is MLT-BT05. The default pairing code for MLT-BT05 is 123456789. So once connected, you are ready to go now.

How do you use HM10?

Just start the Hardware and Software Serial at 9600 baud rate and print some debugging statements. The LED pin is set as output and initially it is off. Start listening the HM10 port and read the string until the HM10 is available and sends the data. Save the data in string.

How do I change the baud rate of HM 10?

  1. There are 2 versions of the HM-10; the HM-10C and the HM-10S.
  2. Tapping one of the labels will read the characteristic value. For example, under Device Name, tapping the.
  3. At the bottom of the serial monitor, set the baud rate to 9600 and using the above sketch means we can have line end characters selected:

How do you program a HM 10 module?

Just connect as following:

  1. Connect 3.3V of Arduino to the VCC of HM-10.
  2. Connect GND of Arduino to the GND of HM-10.
  3. Connect D8 of Arduino to RX of HM-10.
  4. Connect D7 of Arduino to TX of HM-10.
  5. Connect D2 of Arduino to the long leg of LED along with a 220 ohm resistor.
  6. Connect the short leg of LED with the GND of Arduino.

What is HM 10 Bluetooth module?

HM-10 BLE Bluetooth 4.0 CC2541 Wireless Module is a BLE module for an embedded system to get BLE wireless communication with BLE capable devices (e.g. Android, iPhone, and iPad).

What is the difference between HC 05 and HC 06?

The HC-05 can be a master or slave. The HC-06 is a slave only. This means the HC-05 can initiate a connection to another device and the HC-06 can only accept a connection from another device.

What is the difference between BT and BLE?

When talking about Bluetooth Low Energy vs. Bluetooth, the key difference is in Bluetooth 4.0’s low power consumption. Just like Bluetooth, BLE operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Unlike classic Bluetooth, however, BLE remains in sleep mode constantly except for when a connection is initiated.

How do I reset HM10?

Factory Reset a HM-10

  1. AT+RENEW Restores factory defaults.
  2. AT+RESET Reboot HM-10.
  3. AT Wait for OK.
  4. AT+MARJ0x1234 Set iBeacon Major number to 0x1234 (hexadecimal)
  5. AT+MINO0xFA01 Set iBeacon Minor number to 0xFA01 (hexadecimal)
  6. AT+ADVI5 Set advertising interval to 5 (546.25 milliseconds)

What is HM-10 Bluetooth module?

Is the HM10 BLE module compatible with Bluetooth?

The HM10 has become a very popular Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module. The HM10 is a Bluetooth 4.0 based module only, so it will not connect with Bluetooth 2/2.1 module such as HC-05, HC-06 and other Bluetooth modules. The HM10 is controlled via AT commands sent over the serial UART connection.

Is there a Bluetooth module for Android 4.3?

Android 4.3 (API Level 18) introduces built-in platform support for Bluetooth Low Energy, or called BLE, Bluetooth 4. HM-10 is a BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Serial Wireless Module. In this test, nothing to do on HM-10, except apply 3.3V on the power pins.

How to use Bluetooth 4.0 HM10 on a computer?

You will need a FTDI cable and 4 female to male wires to hook up to Bluetooth 4.0 HM-10 / BLE On your computer, open Arduino. Make sure you select the correct usb serial port. Open Serial Monitor and make sure the baud rate is 9600, this is the default baud rate. Type in AT+NAME?

Do you need FTDI for Bluetooth 4.0 HM10?

There are so many things that you can do with Bluetooth 4.0 HM-10, but first you need to setup with FTDI cable to understand what and how it’s doing. You will need a FTDI cable and 4 female to male wires to hook up to Bluetooth 4.0 HM-10 / BLE