How do I pair my Bluetooth HC-05?

How do I pair my Bluetooth HC-05?

Open Bluetooth Terminal app. From the menu, tap on “Connect a device – Insecure”. You will see a pop-up of “Paired Devices”, tap on “HC-05”, after a second you will get a toast notifying “Connected to HC-05”. Now type “a” and send, the LED will turn on, similarly, send “b” to turn the LED off.

How do I find my bluetooth port number?

Step 2: Check Outgoing COM Port

  1. Click the Bluetooth Icon from the Windows System Tray:
  2. Pick Open Settings:
  3. Under the COM Ports tab; you should now see COM ports assigned to both Outgoing and Incoming connections for the Device you just paired. Make note of the Outgoing COM Port Number:

How do you send data via bluetooth on Android?

Send Files from Smartphones and Tablets

  1. Open the File Manager app.
  2. Go to the folder that contains the files you want to transfer.
  3. Tap the Menu icon and choose Select.
  4. Select the files you want to send.
  5. Tap the Share icon.
  6. In the list of sharing options, tap Bluetooth.

How to test hc-05 Bluetooth Control Module?

This post is for those who want to build a Bluetooth controlled robot but do not know how to test HC-05 bluetooth module, whether it is working or not with android phone and bluetooth control app. we have to use Arduino UNO as serial to USB converter by removing the Atmega 328 chip from the board.

Do you need a serial connection to use a hc-05?

Using an HC-05 often requires an initial hardwired serial connection. Most how-to s describe using some sort of USB-to-serial adapter, often an Arduino board, for access to the module’s “command” mode from a PC. I’d rather have a widget that I can just stab an HC-05 into and carry on.

How does the hc-05 module work on Arduino?

HC-05 modules connect serial and Bluetooth devices using the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP). Many in the Arduino community have described how to configure and use these modules, including several Instructables. Using an HC-05 often requires an initial hardwired serial connection.

What kind of Bluetooth is used for serial monitor?

This project uses an HC-05 Bluetooth module to replace a traditional wired connection used for viewing the serial monitor. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases. This code is a simple serial communication example taken from the provided examples in the Arduino IDE.