How do I reduce file size in Tinkercad?

How do I reduce file size in Tinkercad?

Choose the ‘Select’ tool from the menu on the right, then double-click on your model (this will select your entire mesh). Then click on the ‘Edit…’ option and select ‘Reduce’.

How do I compress a STL file?

Compressing big STL files for 3D printing

  1. Download and install Asiga Stomp software.
  2. Open Stomp and STL file.
  3. Clic on File>Export Slices and choose a name for the file.
  4. Choose the desired layer thickness according to the profile you want to use, usually 0.05mm for 50 microns or 0.1mm for 100 microns.

Can you resize an STL file?

Unfortunately, there is no simple method for modifying specific features of an STL. You are pretty much limited to the following actions: Scaling (The entire model along three independent axis) Breaking the model into parts/chunks.

Does Tinkercad have a limit?

Note: there is a maximum file size of 25 MB. If your file is larger than this, consider choosing a different model to import.

Why is my FBX file so big?

File sizes also tend to grow between Revit and FBX because all material data is embedded with the FBX file. The growth in file size means FBX files must contain every Revit texture used as materials so you can later import the FBX file into 3ds Max.

Why is my STL too big to use Tinkercad?

If the STL is too big, it’s almost certainly because it contains too many polygons, and was created at needlessly high resolution. If you load it into MeshMixer, you can reduce the triangle count:

How to reduce the size of a 3D file?

If you can’t reduce the size of your 3D file below 100 MB, send the zipped file via a file transfer service to

Is there a way to import a model into Tinkercad?

If you can open a ticket and attach the model with the issue, I can take a look. I can not get anything to import into tinkercad. Please sign in to leave a comment.

Is there a limit to the file size of a 3D printer?

There is no real limitation in the system, but keep in mind that a big volume can slow all your actions down. Moreover, when these files are that heavy, details on the objects are sometimes beyond what we can see, or what a 3D printer can actually print.