How do you find the Z offset of a BLTouch?

How do you find the Z offset of a BLTouch?

  1. Control > Restore failsafe (start with default settings if first installation)
  2. Prepare > Auto home.
  3. Prepare > Move axis > Move 0.1mm > Move Z.
  4. Control > Motion > Z offset and enter the value obtained above e.g. -1.4 in this example.
  5. Control > Store memory.

What does Probe offset do?

Getting your Z-probe offset right is really important. It tells your printer what the physical difference is between your probe and the print nozzle. Setting your Z-Probe Offset is easily done in OctoPrint or similar with a few Marlin commands and a piece of paper.

How do you change the Z offset?

The key to adjusting Z offset using G-code is to home the printer first with G28 Z0 . Next, G92 Z0. 1 can be used to set a manual Z offset for printing. In this case, the printer has established the current (home) position to be Z = 0.1 mm.

How do you test a probe offset?

Here is an easy way to measure the offset: Bring the nozzle down to the bed surface and lower it until the nozzle starts to depress into the paper, making a small impression. Mark the impression with a marker tip to make it more visible. Now jog X and Y until the probe is directly over the spot where the nozzle was.

How does the BLTouch level the bed?

When the tool head lowers to home the nozzle in the Z-axis, the pushpin triggers the hall sensor, at which point the pushpin retracts and the tool head raises.” It works in such an automatic way that BL-Touch can gather and collect information all the way long during printing, and then adjust the print bed in time.

Where does the nozzle go on a bltouch printer?

6) If all goes well, your printer should home in the X direction, followed by the Y direction and then your probe should head to the middle of the bed and your nozzle will start going towards your bed.

Where is the bltouch probe on the bed?

Expected behavior: [BLTOUCH Probe is on the bed to probe when I send G28 + G29] Actual behavior: [Bed goes to X0 Y0 and crashed down with the probe to the left side of the bed.] Probably I am just missing something? I have Z_Safe_Homing enabled. You’ll use NOZZLE_TO_PROBE_OFFSET to define that now.

How to set the boundaries for bltouch bed?

In your case -41 mm would take it to the edge, so 30 mm extra would make it symmetrical: Furthermore, it is way more convenient to set the Z distance between the probe and the nozzle using M851 Zxx.xx (where xx.xx denotes the offset as a negative value) than setting it with Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER.

How do you adjust the probe on a bltouch printer?

While the printer is printing the skirt, you will adjust the Z Probe Offset. You can do that by navigating to Configuration -> Probe Z offset -> Turn clockwise to move the nozzle higher and anti-clockwise to move the nozzle lower. At the correct nozzle height, your filament coming out of the nozzle will achieve a very nice squish .