How do you join a broken filament?

How do you join a broken filament?

How to fuse filament

  1. Push the filament into the side of the block for a couple seconds until it starts to mushroom out. (
  2. Push the separate pieces together using the top groove as a guide.
  3. Slide the fused filament from the guide so that you scrape off the mushroomed material, leaving a smooth side.

Can you fuse filament together?

Never attempt to fuse different brands of filament together. Two different brands of PLA may look like its doable, but as above – the melting points and makeup of the two brands can differ. Again this could cause jams in your extruder, or the join lengths of filament breaking apart and clogging your extruding motor.

How do you fix a broken PLA filament?

You should glue broken 3D parts together with epoxy or superglue carefully, making sure the surfaces are cleaned up with sandpaper. You can also use a hot gun to melt materials like PLA then rejoin them, so the pieces bind together.

What do I do with the last bit of filament?

Use the last of the filament for friction/iron welding to fix or glue 3D printed parts together. Use it as regular filament with a 3D printer pen to fix 3D printed parts.

Why does my filament keep breaking?

When placed in a humid environment, the filament absorbs moisture from the air and alters its physical properties. Usually, the reel’s outer part starts getting brittle as they expose to moisture. This can explain why the filament keeps breaking off when you tried printing with it.

Why does my PLA filament keep breaking?

Why does PLA filament get brittle and snap? PLA filament snaps because of three main reasons. Over time it can absorb moisture which causes it to reduce flexibility, from the mechanical stress of being curled up on a spool, then straightened out with pressure and generally low quality PLA filament.