How do you remove a PTFE tube?

How do you remove a PTFE tube?

The thin, non-threaded part is fragile and is easily bent. Push down the ring on the coupling and push the PTFE downwards. Now that the heatbreak is gone, the tube can come out through the bottom along with the stuck filament. Pull the tube out through the other end.

What nozzle does the Flashforge Creator Pro use?

0.4mm Nozzle for Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer.

Should the PTFE tube touch the nozzle?

To answer your question directly, the PTFE tube (or a separate thin walled PTFE tube for the bottom part of the heatbreak) generally always is outside the nozzle, so yes (unless you have an all-metal hotend, then there is no PTFE tube up to the nozzle).

How do you straighten a PTFE tube?

I just plugged the ends of tube and soaked it in real warm water for 5 minutes then stretched it out on a table. That helped then the hard part I spooling it up against the arch and soaked it again. This seem to work the best.

How do you get a broken filament out of a PTFE tube?

Take Off the PTFE Tube and Pull it Out Manually

  1. Heat up the nozzle up to 200°C.
  2. Handle the filament using tweezers or pliers.
  3. Pull out the filament slowly out of the extruder.
  4. Keep on pulling it until it is completely removed from the PTFE tube.

What is an MK10 extruder?

MK10 was a complete change of the hotend. MK10 uses smooth OD thermal barriers with a larger 4 mm OD 2 mm ID PTFE liner. MK10 also uses M7 threads, vs the M6 of all previous models. This is because a 4 mm PTFE liner is barely enough metal to make the outer tube with M6 threads.

Do you need pliers to replace PTFE tube?

See the How to replace a PTFE tube (MK3/MK2.5) Pliers are not needed, but in some scenarios, you might need them to cut the zip ties. Apart from the mentioned tools, it is recommended getting a bowl or a small box for the screws and parts you will remove during the disassembly, you will need them later.

How to replace a PTFE tube in a Prusa fan?

⬢ Create a gap similar to the picture. Align the printed part holding the motor with the edge of the fan frame. ⬢ Reach for the hotend and incline its upper part towards the motor, it should slide out. If the hotend is still stuck inside, release the screws more and increase the gap between the printed parts.

How to replace a PTFE tube ( Mk3 ) Mk3?

⬢ Release and remove the M3x20 (M3x18) screw from the hotend fan. Note that the fan-shroud might fall off. Leave the other two screws holding the hotend fan in place. No need to remove them. ⬢ Release both screws, but don’t remove them.