How do you set an alarm on a DS3231?

How do you set an alarm on a DS3231?

Step 1: Coding zip folder to your Arduino IDE via Sketch>Include Library>Add . zip Library and locate your saved DS3231. zip library. Using the very basics of programming, use if operator to set the alarm or intended timer function.

What is ErP in BIOS?

What does ErP Mean? ErP mode is another name for a state of BIOS power management features that instructs the motherboard to turn off power to all system components, including USB and Ethernet ports meaning your connected devices will not charge while in a low power state.

How does the ds3231 real time clock work?

The DS3231 real time clock module keeps track of the time even when the module is not powered. It has a built-in 3V battery which keeps updating the time. We will get the time and date from the RTC module using the library functions and then we will compare this time with the alarm time that we have set in the code.

What can I do with the ds3231 RTC module?

I love the DS3231 RTC module and have used it in a couple of projects without a library using code based on Ralph Bacon’s example. It worked well, but I wanted to use the alarm and working out how to do that was a step too far for me.

How to set ds3231 alarm on Arduino?

You pretty much “burned” the time into the module. Now, 1. You can power off and power on the Arduino without messing the time in the DS3231 module, otherwise the Arduino uses the “void setup ()” command to reset the time back to the original time you set. In other words, restarting Arduino means redoing everything in the code.

Is there an alternative IC for the ds3231?

We have also added two alarm functions and temperature monitors to further extend this project. The alternative IC for DS3231 is DS1307. The DS3231 RTC has a built-in alarm function as well as a temperature sensor with a resolution of 0.25 and an accuracy of ±3°C which makes this project easier.