How do you stop a nozzle from hitting print?

How do you stop a nozzle from hitting print?

The best way to fix your nozzle hitting your prints or bed is to slightly raise your Z-endstop on the side of your 3D printer. This is what tells your 3D printer to stop moving down so much. You can also use a Z adjustment in your slicer settings to account for a higher bed surface.

How do I get PETG to stick?

Sticks solid when hot and pops off with a gentle tap when cool. You may need to bump the temperature up slightly to get enough adhesion to stick (near 70°C should be plenty). A thin smear of an adhesive is highly recommended to prevent the PETG from permanently bonding to the PEI.

How can I prevent my nozzle catching on my 3D printer?

Try slowing everything down by a factor of two and see how the problem changes. It might help to print at a higher temperature, so the nozzle can melt through the bumps with less force. This could cause other problems, but if you are marginally cool now, warmer might work better. Thanks for contributing an answer to 3D Printing Stack Exchange!

What to do if filament is sticking to printer nozzle?

Repeat the process until you start to see a clean filament coming out. Wire Brush: The wire brush helps in removing all those particles which are attached to the print surface. But make sure you are not damaging the nozzle with it.

How to avoid print head from hitting nozzle?

There are options in Cura to avoid that the extruder hovers over printed parts when traveling. There is also an option to lift Z axis while traveling. Those options are hidden by default. You can only enable them in advanced settings mode. There is a clear scar in the print that looks like the print head has hit it.

How can I calibrate my nozzle for over extrusion?

You think there may be some over-extrusion, then it would be best to calibrate the feed. Insert a light-coloured filament and measure 110mm from the top of the extruder and mark the filament. Extrude 100mm (using Pronterface etc), then measure from the top of the extruder to the mark.