How does Alpha Beta pruning work?

How does Alpha Beta pruning work?

How does alpha-beta pruning work? Initialize alpha = -infinity and beta = infinity as the worst possible cases. The condition to prune a node is when alpha becomes greater than or equal to beta. Start with assigning the initial values of alpha and beta to root and since alpha is less than beta we don’t prune it.

Why is it called Alpha Beta pruning?

It is called Alpha-Beta pruning because it passes 2 extra parameters in the minimax function, namely alpha and beta. Let’s define the parameters alpha and beta. Alpha is the best value that the maximizer currently can guarantee at that level or above.

Which is the most important aspect of alpha beta pruning?

The effectiveness of alpha-beta pruning is highly dependent on the order in which each node is examined. Move order is an important aspect of alpha-beta pruning. Worst ordering: In some cases, alpha-beta pruning algorithm does not prune any of the leaves of the tree, and works exactly as minimax algorithm.

How to prune alpha beta in javatpoint algorithm?

Step 4: At node E, Max will take its turn, and the value of alpha will change. The current value of alpha will be compared with 5, so max (-∞, 5) = 5, hence at node E α= 5 and β= 3, where α>=β, so the right successor of E will be pruned, and algorithm will not traverse it, and the value at node E will be 5.

How to calculate Alpha and beta in javatpoint?

Step 1: At the first step the, Max player will start first move from node A where α= -∞ and β= +∞, these value of alpha and beta passed down to node B where again α= -∞ and β= +∞, and Node B passes the same value to its child D. Step 2: At Node D, the value of α will be calculated as its turn for Max.

How to calculate Alpha and beta in game theory?

At F, alpha = 5 and beta = +INF. F looks at its left child which is a 1. alpha = max ( 5, 1) which is still 5. F looks at its right child which is a 2.