How does HC-05 module work?

How does HC-05 module work?

HC-05 Bluetooth module provides switching mode between master and slave mode which means it able to use neither receiving nor transmitting data. TXD UART_TXD, Bluetooth serial signal sending PIN Connect with the MCU’s (Microcontroller and etc) RXD PIN.

What does the button on HC-05 do?

On the 6V HC-05 module, the button does this job. Just press it while powering the module with 5V. On the module without button, you need to supply 3.3V to the “Key Pin” while powering on. 5V Bluetooth to 5V Arduino by keeping the button of the Bluetooth pressed.

How do I know if my Bluetooth module is working?

Testing HC-05 bluetooth module using Arduino UNO as serial to USB converter

  1. First make sure your HC-05 Bluetooth Module is paired with your mobile.
  2. Click on “SELECT DEVICE” icon to select paired Bluetooth module.
  3. When you press “UP Arrow” it sends the data “A” to Bluetooth Module connected with the circuit.

How do I reset my HC-05 module?

Configure with AT Mode: After the connection, If you Plug the power source, you will see the HC-05 power on with short rapid blink, which is standard pairing mode of module. For At Mode, you need to plug the power source while holding down the reset button on the module.

What is the difference between HC-05 and HC 06?

The HC-05 can be a master or slave. The HC-06 is a slave only. This means the HC-05 can initiate a connection to another device and the HC-06 can only accept a connection from another device.

How can HC-05 be used as master?

Step 5: To Configure and Pair Two HC-05 As Master and Slave (Step 3)

  1. AT+RMAAD (To clear any paired devices)
  2. AT+ROLE=0 (To set it as slave)
  3. AT+ADDR (To get the address of this HC-05, remember to jot the address down as it will be used during master configuration)
  4. AT+UART=38400,0,0 (To fix the baud rate at 38400)

How do I test my HC-05 Bluetooth module?

(The easiest way is to see if the RED indicator is blinking). Now, go to the Bluetooth Settings on your phone and pair your phone with the HC-05 Device. The key is 1234. After successfully pairing, open the ArduDroid App and connect with the HC-05 module.

How do you check if HC-05 is connected?

1 Answer

  1. Pull the KEY pin to Vcc (see note)
  2. Write the serial command AT on the serial interface.
  3. Look at the output: if you receive AT or OK then the module is connected, otherwise it is not.

How do I turn on my HC-05 Bluetooth module?

Set Bluetooth in AT mode

  1. Upload the code to evive (DO NOT connect Bluetooth).
  2. Turn off evive ( Remove the cable or turn power switch OFF).
  3. Plug Hc-05 in evive.
  4. Press and hold the push button on Hc-05 module.
  5. Switch evive ON.

What is the baud rate of the hc-05 Bluetooth module?

Key/EN pin should be high to operate Bluetooth in command mode. The default baud rate of HC-05 in command mode is 38400bps and 9600 in data mode.HC-05 module has two modes, Data mode: Exchange of data between devices. Baud rate is 9600bps in data mode.

What are the operating modes of the hc-05?

The HC-05 has two operating modes, one is the Data mode in which it can send and receive data from other Bluetooth devices and the other is the AT Command mode where the default device settings can be changed.

How to make connection with hc-05 Bluetooth module?

Get the name and MAC-address of HC-05 module. Open connection with HC-05 module. Instruct the module with data as bytes. This code is for the MainActivity or first activity where the list will be displayed then after that when device will be selected, Control activity will come to give the command.

What kind of power supply does hc-05 need?

The HC-05 module can be operated within 4-6V of power supply. It supports baud rate of 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, etc. Most importantly it can be operated in Master-Slave mode which means it will neither send or receive data from external sources.