How much can ABL compensate for?

How much can ABL compensate for?

However according to multiple Marlin’s GitHub communication (like this) a lot of notes says the maximum an ABL can compensate is 1/2 of the nozzle diameter but better to below 1/4.

How do you save bed leveling?

You have to use M500 to save the bed leveling data to EEPROM, otherwise the data will be lost when you restart (or reconnect) the printer. Use M502 to reset the bed leveling data (and other settings to defaults). Use M501 to reload your last-saved bed leveling from EEPROM. This is done automatically on reboot.

Do you need to do bed level correction?

If the Bed Level Correction is not enough to make all the areas even, it might be necessary a different approach on the hardware: check if any of the screws holding the heatbed and the Y-carriage together need to be tightened or loosened a bit. A small point here, mesh bed levelling will not magically solve all your problems – it has limits.

Can you use bed compensation on a Z probe?

Bed compensation is not a good substitute for accurate calibration. If you are using a Z probe, make sure it is correctly configured and working. This includes the trigger height and the X and Y offsets of the probe relative to the nozzle. Refer to the Z Probe calibration page. Test and calibrate a Z probe

Is there mesh bed compensation in power up?

On power up no mesh bed compensation is in use. You define a grid using the M557 command. Normally you do this in config.g. You run G29 S0 (or just G29) to probe the bed at the mesh points. If probing is successful, the bed height map is saved in a file on the SD card and is or can be displayed in Duet Web Control.

Do you have to print the whole file to do bed level correction?

The print is just one layer high and takes up most of the printable surface. You do not have to print the entire file, stop the print as soon as the differences in layer height across the plate are obvious. Evaluate where the layer is too squished and full of scars and where there are gaps in between the lines.