How to change units of measurement in SketchUp?

How to change units of measurement in SketchUp?

After you start creating a 3D model in SketchUp, you can view and change the units of measurement for the model as a whole via the Model Info window. Follow these steps: With your model open in SketchUp, select Window > Model Info. In the sidebar on the left, select Units.

What does the’/’do in SketchUp calculator?

Strictly speaking, the ‘/’ in SketchUp generates multiple copies of an object equally distributed along a distance (it does not just calculate the result of a division). I know the ‘/’ work evenly split distance , but we can use ‘/’ as value division at VCB.

How many decimal places do you need in SketchUp?

Display precision: For each format, you can select how precise you want measurements to be. For example, the Architectural option lets you fine-tune measurements up to 1/64 of an inch, and the Engineering option lets you choose up to six decimal places.

How to use VCB input in SketchUp tool?

To use a vcbCalc result as VCB input for a SketchUp tool, the user needs to: have the ruby console displayed. activate vcbCalc over the tool menu (or with short cut) to initiate the calculation. perform the calculation as per instructions and copy the result from the ruby console.

Can you have as many slices as you want in sketch?

You can have as many slices as you want using the Insert > Slice (S) option. Each slice will export to a different file. When present, the knife icon and dashed outline indicate that the layer in question is a slice. You can change its position, width and height like any other object in Sketch.

Why are my icons so big in SketchUp?

The size variations you see in the extension folder is because older SketchUp versions used 16px or 24 px. Newer versions of SketchUp handle larger icon sizes to show correctly on high DPI screens. You can’t increase the icon to larger than the setting SketchUp sets for a toolbar icon.

How to set the correct scale in SketchUp?

Look under the Import Options button. Set the correct scale. You are a great help!!Thanks!! “Scale” is not a good wording in this context, a unit is something different. You can also change your units in AutoCAD and skip the options step when uploading to SketchUp. No.