How to enroll a fingerprint sensor in Arduino?

How to enroll a fingerprint sensor in Arduino?

Enroll a New Fingerprint 1 In the Arduino IDE, go to File > Examples > Adafruit Fingerprint Sensor Library > Enroll. 2 Upload the code, and open the serial monitor at a baud rate of 9600. 3 You should enter an ID for the fingerprint. 4 Place your finger on the scanner and follow the instructions on the serial monitor.

Why do you need a fingerprint sensor module?

Introducing the Fingerprint Sensor Module Fingerprint sensor modules, like the one in the following figure, made fingerprint recognition more accessible and easy to add to your projects. This means that is is super easy to make fingerprint collection, registration, comparison and search.

What kind of wire to use for fingerprint sensor?

The fingerprint sensor module used in this project came with really thin wires, so soldering breadboard-friendly wires was needed. We recommend using different colors according to the pin function. In our case: The following table shows how to wire the sensor to the Arduino.

How to delete fingerprint from Arduino biometric security system?

If the ENROL key pressed the Enroll () function is called and DEL key press then delete () function is called. Given function is used for entering ID to be deleted and calling uint8_t deleteFingerprint (uint8_t id) function that will delete finger from records.

Can you use solder iron on Arduino fingerprint sensor?

You can use a helping hand or something to make your soldering task a lot easier since our header pins are small and we really don’t want to risk burning our hands with solder iron.

Can a fingerprint sensor be used to unlock a door?

In this post, we will Interface a Fingerprint Sensor Module with Arduino and will build a Fingerprint based Biometric Security System with door locking. Finger Print is considered one of the safest key to lock or unlock any system as it can recognize any person uniquely and can’t be copied easily.