How to interfacing sim800l with Arduino Uno?

How to interfacing sim800l with Arduino Uno?

Now you are all set to play with Sim800l. After interfacing, when you power this module, you will see that the onboard LED is on and blinking in different patterns. This blinking pattern of the onboard LED tells us the working status of the SIM800l module.

How to test the functionality of the sim800l module?

To test the functionality of the port and SIM we can shoot some AT commands and for this, we can use the following troubleshooting AT commands. To test the module, connect the SIM800l module to your system with the help of Arduino ==> Open Arduino IDE after this select the com port ==> Open the serial monitor ==> Enter the following AT commands.

What’s the power supply on an Arduino sim800?

My initial setup included a 10kΩ resistor soldered between the lower end of the RX and GND pins on the SIM800L, and a 4.6kΩ resistor soldered on the jumper connecting SIM800L’s RX and Arduino’s declared TX (pin 7). SIM800L has its own power supply (5v-2A).

Is there a problem with the sim800l VCC?

I use battery (lipo) to power the SIM800L to allow 2A peak current. Serial work but sometime the module reset (i think) and i see strange character. The SIM800L no work correctly. I meet the same trouble when i use the FTDI’s VCC, every time I use the common ground i have this problem.

Is there a GSM module for Arduino door lock?

If you are from Pakistan, Bangladesh or India make sure you double-check the GSM module and purchase the unlocked version of the sim900A module. This GSM sim900A module as you can see on the screen has no onboard voltage regulator, so be careful while applying the voltage.

What do you need to know about GSM sim800?

GSM SIM800 are require 5v external supply , If you have different GSM module then you have to conform the external voltage requirement for your module . Send some commands to your sim that are inserted in GSM module . That is…………….

Can a GSM sim800 be used for location tracking?

Generally a GPS Module is used for any sort of location tracking but here in this tutorial we will use GSM SIM800 module to build a simple Location tracking system with Arduino. This GPRS tracking system compromises the GSM modem and the microcontroller (Arduino) and is fabricated on a PCB from PCBGOGO.