How to program STM32 Blue Pill through USB?

How to program STM32 Blue Pill through USB?

To program the STM32 Blue Pill board directly through USB port we need to first flash the Maple boot loader into the MCU. To do this we need to use a Serial FTDI board. This board is connected to the Rx and Tx pin of the STM32 as shown below. The Vcc pin of the FTDI board is connected to the STM32 5V pin of power the board.

How to use STM32F103 USB CDC CMSIS provires?

STM32F103 USB CDC CMSIS provires a simple low weight firmware for STM32F1 serie to implement Virtual Com Port. Current implementation create Virtual Com Port with next settings: 115200, 0, none, 8, but you can change these settings as you want. Add usblib.c and usblib.h to your project.

How to connect a CDC ACM to a USB?

Connect an USB CDC ACM Device (for example another development board with this example project: USB Device Virtual COM Port) to the development board’s USBFS connector.

How to program stm32f103c8 board using USB port?

1 We have to download the boot loader program file binaries (bin file) form the github page. 2 Next we have to download and install the STM Flash loader software to flash the downloaded bin file into STM32. 3 To download the software you have to enter your E-mail address and the download link will be sent to your E-mail.

Why does STM32F103 cannot upload to Bluepill?

Close all other programs which use the STLink, like ST-Link utility. I think it just can’t open the adapter. In addition to what @manuelbl said, make sure that you follow the Nucleo user manual chapter 6.2.4 exactly.

Is there a problem with the STM32 Flasher?

No response form the target, the Boot loader can not be started. Please, verify the boot mode configuration and the flash protection status, Reset your device then try again… When this failed as well I tried installing another stm32 flasher form this link

Is the STM32 blue pill from diymore real?

Update 2 Arp 2020: On my recent online purchase from, despite the product image on website clear show it’s using STM32F103C8T6, the STM32 Blue Pill that I received comes with a chip marked as CKS32F103C8T6. So GigaDevice is not the only one that produces fake STM32F103C8T6 in China.