How to use HC-12 module?

How to use HC-12 module?

Begin by connecting the HC-12 transceivers to each Arduino:

  1. Connect the HC-12 “Set” pin to Arduino pin 6.
  2. Connect the HC-12 “RXD” pin to Arduino pin 4.
  3. Connect the HC-12 “TXD” pin to Arduino pin 5.
  4. Per the datasheet, connect a 22 µF to 1 mF reservoir capacitor in parallel with the HC-12 “Gnd” and “Vcc” pins.

What is the range of HC 05 Bluetooth module?

HC-05 4 Pin Wireless Serial Bluetooth Module is a Bluetooth module for use with any microcontroller….Package Includes:

Input Supply voltage (V) 3.6 ~ 6
Maximum Operating Range (m) 10
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz ISM band
Modulation GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)

What is a cellular transceiver module?

Generally, an RF module is a small size electronic device, that is used to transmit or receive radio signals between two devices. The main application of the RF module is an embedded system to communicate with another device wirelessly. This communication may be accomplished through radio frequency communication.

What is hc12 module?

HC-12 wireless serial port communication module is a new-generation multichannel embedded wireless data transmission module. Its wireless working frequency band is 433.4-473.0MHz, multiple channels can be set, with the stepping of 400 KHz, and there are totally 100 channels.

How many channels does the hc-12 wireless module have?

The HC-12 is a half-duplex wireless serial communication module with 100 channels in the 433.4-473.0 MHz range that is capable of transmitting up to 1 km.

Is the Arduino HC12 an easy wireless communication device?

HC12: Easy Arduino Wireless Communication The HC-12 is an RF device able to transmit data nearly half a kilometer away in less than ideal circumstances. Due to its high signal transmission distance I’m unable to execute a line of sight test, but will develop a remedy in the near future.

Where can I find the hc-12 user manual?

A full manual can be found in the ZIP archive under the name HC-12 User Manual.pdf Connect the HC-12 as shown in the image and connect the Arduino to your computer. Copy and paste the contents of the file named “HC-12 AT Commander.txt” from the ZIP archive and upload to your Arduino. Open the serial monitor and type “AT”.

How is the hc-12 wireless circuit board built?

The HC-12 circuit board is built around the STM8S003F3 microcontroller and the Si4463 transceiver. The Si4463 Transceiver The Si4463 provides the wireless communication in this circuit. It has a maximum transmit power of 20 dBm (100 mW) and receive sensitivity of -129 dBm.