How will you convert a String to a long in Python?

How will you convert a String to a long in Python?

Call int(str) to convert the string str to a long.

  1. a_string = “123”
  2. a_long = int(a_string)
  3. print(a_long)

How do you convert a decimal to a long String?


  1. Use try catch block.
  2. Check the string variable is it has the decimal value or not. If it has the decimal value then split it from “.”, And use the index one value (if it is not blancked)
  3. Use the Bigdecimal value.

How convert String to long in Excel VBA?

Convert String to a Numeric Data Type:

  1. Check if String is Numeric, IsNumeric():
  2. Convert String to Integer, CInt():
  3. Convert String to Double, CDbl():
  4. Convert String to Long, CLng():
  5. Convert String to Single, CSng():
  6. Convert String to Decimal, CDec():

Can you convert string into int Python?

To convert a string to integer in Python, use the int() function. This function takes two parameters: the initial string and the optional base to represent the data. Use the syntax print(int(“STR”)) to return the str as an int , or integer.

Can we convert String to double in Java?

We can convert String to double in java using Double. parseDouble() method.

What if you use pass in to convert a String containing decimal value?

The parseInt function took our numerical value with a decimal place and parsed it in to an integer. If the function is passed a value that cannot be readily converted in to a number, then parseInt will return a value of NaN.

What is CLNG in VBA?

“CLNG” means “Convert to Long” data type. While dealing with multiple values of other data types, the VBA CDEC function converts those data types to a decimal data type. It stands for “Convert to Decimal”. read more. In this article, we will show you about the integer data type conversion function “CLNG.”

How do I convert a string to a number in Visual Basic?

You can easily convert string to integer value by using Convert. ToInt32 (string) method or int. Parse (string) method both work similar but there is difference in both of them.

Can you add int and double?

When one operand is an int and the other is a double, Java creates a new temporary value that is the double version of the int operand. For example, suppose that we are adding dd + ii where ii is an int variable. It then adds this temporary value to the other double operand.

What is a long string?

The long-string instrument is a musical instrument in which the string is of such a length that the fundamental transverse wave is below what a person can hear as a tone (±20 Hz).

How long can a string be Java?

Java String length() Method. This method returns an integer number which represents the number of characters (length) in a given string including white spaces. String length limit: The maximum length a string can have is: 2 31-1.

How do I convert a string to an integer in Java?

The most direct solution to convert a string to an integer is to use the parseInt method of the Java Integer class. parseInt converts the String to an int, and throws a NumberFormatException if the string can’t be converted to an int type.