Is Elegoo Mars worth it?

Is Elegoo Mars worth it?

The Elegoo Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer is an excellent printer for the price. It looks nice, performs well, and doesn’t take up much space on a workbench. The quality you get out of this machine compared to similar printers is more than noteworthy. This is a great introductory machine for resin printing newbies.

Why are my resin prints warping?

Resin 3D printing uses photopolymer UV resin that harden under UV light. Moreover, the process of “cross-linking” causes unwanted shrinkage and if your part is poorly designed, it can even cause warping of your resin print.

Why are my prints sticking to the FEP?

The first layer is the most important part in any 3D print. If the first layers are too thin, not cured enough, or you have printed the model at a fast speed, then the first layer may not get enough time to stick to the build plate properly. It may even cause an issue while peeling off the 3D print form the FEP film.

Can you use Cura with Elegoo Mars?

Both my Elegoo Neptune and Elegoo Mars came bundled with slicers, ChiTuBox with the Mars and Cura for the Neptune. I’ve tinkered with OctoPrint and enjoy its remote printer monitoring and management capabilities, but generally enjoy Cura and ChiTuBox for slicing.

Are Elegoo Printers good?

The Elegoo Mars is a remarkable 3D printer. Offering a simple, forgiving, and rewarding 3D printing experience at a combative price point, it achieves more than many of its contemporaries by doing less. Expect high-quality prints and little effort to get them.

How often does the elegoo Mars printer fail?

ELEGOO Mars failed prints every time Ask Question Asked1 year, 4 months ago Active11 months ago Viewed2k times 0 $\\begingroup$ So I just recently bought the ELEGOO Mars SLA Printer… the first model I made turned out okay. It was a small helmet.

How do you clean FEP-elegoo Mars and Saturn?

After each print I pour the remaining resin back into its bottle (through a funnel and paint sieve to filter out cured bits of resin), then clean the vat with 99% IPA. I only skip this if I’m immediately doing another print with the same resin and the print came out perfect.

What to do when prints get stuck to FEP?

All the prints ends up stuck to the FEP layer (which got a couple of rinkcles after the first failed print). I’m using two strips of masking tape on the short edges of the LCD as suggested to void suction on LCD itself.

Why does the FEP get stuck on the Mars?

Don’t know if that makes any difference, though; it’s supposed to help prevent a vacuum between the FEP and the LCD. I zero level the build plate. I did this one wrong before! After removing the vat, I place a piece of paper on the Mars, loosen the two screws of the build plate, then press the button to lower build platform.