Is it possible to create sentience?

Is it possible to create sentience?

Sentient machines may never exist, according to a variation on a leading mathematical model of how our brains create consciousness. According to their model, the ability to integrate information is a key property of consciousness.

Will it be possible to build artificial intelligence on the digitized structures of artificial intelligence?

Yes, the ever-increasing technological advances in ICT and Industry 4.0, the constantly increasing computing power of microprocessors, the increasing capacity of the working memory bones, etc., successively increases the possibilities of creating more and more perfect artificial intelligence that can be integrated with …

Can AI be smarter than humans?

In summary, AI is extremely useful and able to answer complex problems that humans are not equipped to solve. AI is faster at suitable tasks. However, the ability of AI to independently perform complex divergent thinking is extremely limited. That is, AI is not smarter than humans.

Why are mutable objects with immutable identities good?

Using mutable objects with immutable identities avoids that problem. There’s no right or wrong, it just depends what you prefer. There’s a reason why some people prefer languages that favor one paradigm over another, and one data model over another.

Is there a place for mutability in design?

There is a place for mutability. Domain driven design principles provide a solid understanding of what should be mutable and what should be immutable.

Why do people keep creating more and more mutable objects?

Apart from all these legitimate reasons, alas, the most probable cause why people keep creating mutable objects is inertia of mind, a.k.a. resistance to change.

Why are immutable objects good for concurrent programming?

And they can make concurrent programming way safer and cleaner (most of the notoriously hard to find concurrency bugs are ultimately caused by mutable state shared between threads). However, for large and/or complex objects, creating a new copy of the object for every single change can be very costly and/or tedious.