What is 74HC595 IC?

What is 74HC595 IC?

The 74HC595 is a very handy IC used in many microcontroller projects. This is called “Shifting data out” of the microcontroller by “synchronous serial communication”. This is the serial part of the deal, where each bit is “shifted in” one at a time, then BOOM, they all appear at once (in parallel) on the chips output.

What is Shift Register 74HC595?

74HC595 is a shift register which works on Serial IN Parallel OUT protocol. It receives data serially from the microcontroller and then sends out this data through parallel pins. We can increase our output pins by 8 using the single chip. We can also connect more than 1 shift register in parallel.

How many minimum io pins are required to interface 74HC595?

three input pins
The 595 essentially controls eight separate output pins, using only three input pins. And if you need more than 8 additional I/O lines, you can easily daisychain as many shift registers as you like and create tons of I/O lines.

How do I use Shift Register IC?

A simple Shift Register can be made using only D-type flip-Flops, one flip-Flop for each data bit. The output from each flip-Flop is connected to the D input of the flip-flop at its right. Shift registers hold the data in their memory which is moved or “shifted” to their required positions on each clock pulse.

How does a 74hc595 shift register IC work?

74HC595 IC is a 16-pin shift register IC consisting of a D-type latch along with a shift register inside the chip. It receives serial input data and then sends out this data through parallel pins. In addition to parallel outputs, it also provides a serial output.

What kind of pins are used in 74hc595?

It is a 14 pins IC. 9 pins are parallel output pins from Q0-Q7 and ~Q7. ~Q7 pin is used for cascading two or more shift registers. For instance, as you know 74HC595 is a 8-bit shift register, what if you need a 16 bit shift register. We can use this pin for cascading two ICs to make 16-bit serial-in, parallel-out shift register.

What kind of clock inputs does the 74hc595 have?

It has independent clock inputs for shift register and D latch. This IC belongs to the HC family of logic devices which is designed for use in CMOS applications. 74HC595 has two built-in registers.

Are there any 595 series shift registers available?

If you look for 595 series shift registers, it has many variants and models available in the market. But all work the same way. They have the same pin configuration, electrical features, pinout diagram, and working principle. But this tutorial will be more focused on SN74HC595N by texas instruments.