What is MasterSpool?

What is MasterSpool?

The MasterSpool is an open source project where an STL file of an empty filament spool can be shared and improved. The printable spool is two parts that lock together, allowing a fresh coil of plastic filament to be loaded on and then printed with.

What is a master spool 3d printing?

Essentially, this concept is a material refill system. Horne’s idea is that you would print yourself a MasterSpool and then simply buy the filament refills from manufacturers which can be packaged in the bare minimum plastic. This avoids the heavy 260 grams of extra plastic used only for the spool.

How do you keep filaments from getting tangled?

Prevention. The most important thing is to always hold the end of the filament under tension until it is either in your 3D printer’s feeder or attached to the side of the spool. The latter is accomplished by pulling the end through a hole in the spool or fastening it with tape or a filament clip.

What do you do with filament spools?

Empty filament spools can also be recycled by finding alternative uses, such as creating a turntable for printed miniatures, a spool drawer, and using them as wheels in go-karts, among other creative uses.

What can you do with 3D print spools?

Here are some ways you can make an immediate difference:

  1. Buy cardboard spools.
  2. Return the Spools to the manufacturer.
  3. Make a small stool for your kids.
  4. Create a turntable to showcase your Prints.
  5. Use them as wheels for toys.
  6. Make a Filament Spool Drawer.

What kind of plastic are filament spools made of?

As printers order and 3D print objects, they are left with the empty filament spools. Many spools are made with ABS, Poly Carbonate (PC), or other plastics that may not be accepted in all municipal recycling facilities.

What can I do with leftover PLA spools?

What To Do With Empty Filament Spools? Here Are Our 6 Favourite Ideas

  1. Drawer Organiser – Need to keep small items, like electronics parts or jewellery, organised?
  2. Spool Up Christmas Lights – Our lazy go-to is usually to just use them for spooling up rope or fairy lights.

What can I do with empty spools?

Try one of these cute ways to reuse spools of thread instead.

  1. DIY Picture Holder – A little washi tape and hot glue transform an old thread spool into a cute picture holder for your shelf.
  2. Drawer Pulls – Wooden spools of thread add character to a piece of revamped furniture when you use them as drawer pulls.