What is NodeMCU ESP8266 used for?

What is NodeMCU ESP8266 used for?

NodeMCU is an open source platform based on ESP8266 which can connect objects and let data transfer using the Wi-Fi protocol. In addition, by providing some of the most important features of microcontrollers such as GPIO, PWM, ADC, and etc, it can solve many of the project’s needs alone.

What is the difference between NodeMCU and Raspberry Pi?

All the three platforms have their own pros and cons, and depending on what the user prioritizes- speed, power consumption or ease of connectivity, any of them can be used. The Raspberry pi is better at ‘talking’ to the web, while the Arduino and NodeMCU are better at ‘real time’ applications.

Is ESP32 and NodeMCU same?

ESP8266 and ESP32 are cheap Wi-Fi modules and are mostly used in the projects of internet of things. We can easily control and monitor remotely via Wi-Fi. ESP32 is successor of ESP8266. ESP8266 is also known as NodeMcu.

How does a WIFI camera work on NodeMCU?

This security system which takes photos, records video and or transmits in real time what the camera captures, all this using a WiFi connection to the internet. It’s operations are controlled through a web-server page that runs on nodeMCU and shows to the client “browser” when connected, here you can configure the camera options as: NOTE.

What are the PWM pins on the Arduino mkr1000?

Arduino MKR1000 has multiple PWM pins. It has a total of 12 PWM and they can generate any desired output signal. All PWM can be controlled able through programming. All the PWM pins have the value from 0 to 255. Each output signal can be converted to the desired output signal through only PWM pins. All PWM are:

What kind of processor does the mkr1000 have?

According to data sheets, the MKR1000 runs a SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ processor at 48 MHz. For a project I need to drop that down to 16MHz to get some accurate timing in us.

Why is the mkr1000 the best IoT device?

The basic purpose of designing was to introduce a small and compatible device to the market for IoT projects. IoT has been growing recently very vastly into the world and MKR1000 is one the best option due to its multiple pins and their functionality.