What is purpose of using ESP8266?

What is purpose of using ESP8266?

The ESP8266 module enables microcontrollers to connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, using IEEE 802.11 bgn. It can be used with ESP-AT firmware to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to external host MCUs, or it can be used as a self-sufficient MCU by running an RTOS-based SDK.

What is ESP-01 used for?

The ESP8266 ESP-01 is a Wi-Fi module that allows microcontrollers access to a Wi-Fi network.

What is ESP-01 adapter?

This is a adapter module especially for ESP-01 Wi-Fi module. Onboard level conversion circuit and 3.3V voltage regulator circuit makes 5V microcontroller (such as Arduino board) easy to use ESP-01 Wi-Fi module.

How do you use ESP01 programmer?

esp01 programming board, how to work with 3 pins and Serial for debug.

  1. In the board you must set the left switch in programming mode than click the resetbutton.
  2. Check that the switch of RX and TX It’s in trasfer mode.
  3. Than start upload the sketch.
  4. Connect the serial monitor to the correct port.

Why is ESP8266 so popular?

Besides the software progressive contributed by the community, ESP8266 chip and board have been enhanced as well, like chip clock rate acceleration, a new analog digital converter (ADC) to improve the sensitivity. Thus, ESP8266 is able to update the firmware through Wi-Fi (so-called OTA, Over-The-Aire).

Why do I need an esp01 adapter for Arduino?

Why using a ESP01 adapter? I bought an ESP-01 adapter (initially I thought this was the WIFI module): However, according to this link: connect (sorry it’s in Dutch), but the picture shows that the ESP-01 is directly connected to the 3.3V of the Arduino.

How to connect ESP8266 using an Esp-01 adapter?

I have this type of adapter with esp8266 glued. I can’t recommend this type of adapter boards. Easier is to use a development board like Wemos or NodeMCU with on-board USB adapter. And they are cheap. The adapter has the esp-01 2×6 header J2 but the io 0 and io 2 pins were not connected on my version.

What kind of adapter do I need to flash ESP-01?

ESP-01 requires only 3.3 volts to power up. To flash or upload firmware/sketch, we need an external USB Serial Board adapter that supports 3.3 volts. USB to Serial Board Adapters In this tutorial, we will use 4 different kinds of Serial Board:

How to connect an Esp-01 adapter to a gpio0?

The adapter has the esp-01 2×6 header J2 but the io 0 and io 2 pins were not connected on my version. I patched io 0 to JP2 header to be able to flash the module. On the picture you see a paperclip jumper connecting GPIO0 to ground.