What is the purpose of TXD pin in Bluetooth HC-05 sensor?

What is the purpose of TXD pin in Bluetooth HC-05 sensor?

HC-05 Bluetooth module provides switching mode between master and slave mode which means it able to use neither receiving nor transmitting data. TXD UART_TXD, Bluetooth serial signal sending PIN Connect with the MCU’s (Microcontroller and etc) RXD PIN.

What is difference between HC-05 and HC 06 Bluetooth module?

The HC-05 can be a master or slave. The HC-06 is a slave only. This means the HC-05 can initiate a connection to another device and the HC-06 can only accept a connection from another device.

How does the HC 05 Bluetooth module work?

The HC-05 Bluetooth module uses UART communication to transfer data to the master and uses two pins Rx and Tx to do this job. The pinout details of the HC-05 device are as follows:

What are the features of the HC 05?

The HC-05 offers many more features such as low power data transmission, high-speed data transfer and many more. It is a full-duplex communication which means both sender and receiver transmit and receive data at a time. Besides, the HC-05 FHSS uses frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio technology.

How to pair a hc-05 module with a microcontroller?

It is very easy to pair the HC-05 module with microcontrollers because it operates using the Serial Port Protocol (SPP). Simply power the module with +5V and connect the Rx pin of the module to the Tx of MCU and Tx pin of module to Rx of MCU as shown in the figure below

Which is the latest version of Bluetooth transceiver?

The Bluetooth Transceiver HC-05 TTL Module with enable/disable button Breakout is the latest Bluetooth wireless serial cable! This version of the popular Bluetooth uses the HC-05/HC-06 module. These modems work as a serial (RX/TX) pipe. Any serial stream from 9600 to 115200bps can be passed seamlessly from your computer to your target.