What is the read range of MFRC522 RFID tag?

What is the read range of MFRC522 RFID tag?

Approx 3cm
Current: 13-26mA. Read Range: Approx 3cm with supplied card and fob. SPI Interface. Max Data Transfer Rate: 10Mbit / s.

What is MFRC522 RFID reader?

RC522 is the highly integrated RFID card reader which works on non-contact 13.56mhz communication, is designed by NXP as low power consumption, low cost and compact size read and write chip, is the best choice in the development of smart meters and portable hand-held devices.

How do I read an Arduino RFID tag?

Reading Data from a RFID tag After having the circuit ready, go to File > Examples > MFRC522 > DumpInfo and upload the code. This code will be available in your Arduino IDE (after installing the RFID library). Approximate the RFID card or the keychain to the reader.

What is the function of SDA pin in MFRC522 module?

SS / SDA / Rx pin acts as Signal input when SPI interface is enabled, acts as serial data when I2C interface is enabled and acts as serial data input when UART interface is enabled. This pin is usually marked by encasing the pin in a square so it can be used as a reference for identifying the other pins.

How do I extend my RFID range?

How to Improve RFID Read Range

  1. Antennas. Higher-gain antennas get more power from RFID readers compared to lower-gain antennas.
  2. Polarization. Polarization talks about the type of electromagnetic field the antenna produces.
  3. SOAP Method. SOAP stands for size, orientation, angle and placement.
  4. Reader Settings.
  5. Shorter Cables.

How far can a passive RFID tag be read?

Low Frequency (LF) Passive RFID Tags -read distance of 30 cm (1 foot) or less – usually 10 cm (4 inches) unless you are using a very large tag which can have a read distance of up to 2 meters when attached to metal.

What is the cost of RFID reader?

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How do I know if my RFID reader is working?

To begin the process of testing one must first setup RFID.

  1. Go to ‘Start’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘Intermec Settings’ > ‘Main Menu’ > ‘RFID’
  2. ‘RFID’ > ‘Enable RFID’ should be ON.
  3. ‘RFID’ > ‘Application connection’, ‘Allow External BRI Connections’ is check by default and the field ‘BRI TCP Port’ is 2189.

Is there an SDA pin on the RFID module?

Is there an SDA pin on the RFID Module? Explanation: The RFID Module has an SDA/SS/Rx Pin which, when the SPI Interface is enabled acts as a signal pin, when the I2C Interface is enabled acts as a Serial Data Pin, and in case of UART Mode Activation acts as a Serial Data Input pin.

What are different ways to connect RFID module?

Wiring – Connecting RC522 RFID module to Arduino UNO To start with, connect VCC pin on the module to 3.3V on the Arduino and GND pin to ground. The pin RST can be connected to any digital pin on the Arduino. In our case, it’s connected to digital pin#5.

What is the maximum range of RFID?

RFID is a contactless technology that can operate over a range from a few centimetres to several metres, using frequencies of 120 to 150 kHz (Low Frequency, or LF), 13.56 MHz (High Frequency, or HF) and 860 to 960 MHz (Ultra-High Frequency, or UHF).

What kind of RFID reader is rc522?

The RC522 is a RF Module that consists of a RFID reader, RFID card and a key chain. The module operates 13.56MHz which is industrial (ISM) band and hence can be used without any license problem. The module operates at 3.3V typically and hence commonly used in 3.3V designs.

Which is 13.56Mhz RFID reader with cards kit?

– Write a review RC522 – RFID Reader /Writer with Cards Kit includes a 13.56MHz RF reader and writer module that uses an RC522 IC and two S50 RFID cards tag. The MF RC522 is an integrated transmission module for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz.

Can a Arduino be connected to an mfrc522 IC?

An important thing to remember is that the MFRC522 IC operates at a supply voltage of 2.5V to 3.3V but the communication pins are tolerant to 5V. So, the power supply voltage should be 3.3V, but you can connect the data pins to Arduino directly. The following image shows the pinout of RC522 RFID Reader Module.

How to install mfrc522 rc522 library on GitHub?

Now, go to Tools -> Manage Libraries. . . Type “rc522” in the search bar and install the library “MFRC522” by GithubCommunity. Let us now try an example sketch called “DumpInfo”, which reads data from a PICC (like a card or a key fob) and prints it on the serial monitor.