What projects can be done by using ultrasonic sensor?

What projects can be done by using ultrasonic sensor?

This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using Ultrasonic sensor.

  1. Mobile Robot Navigation System.
  2. GPS-Guided Mobile Robot.
  3. Smart Walking Cane.
  4. Pneumatic Braking System.
  5. Automated Solar Grass Cutter.
  6. Ultrasonic Distance Finder Using 8051.

Is HC-SR04 an analogue?

Standard digital outputs of the “HC-SR04” and “Grove Ultrasonic” sensors provide information only on the distance to the nearest target. By processing a signal derived from an intermediate point on the Seeed Studio Grove Ultrasonic Sensor it is possible to derive an “Analog Echo Signal” from targets.

Is an ultrasonic sensor analog?

Usually, ultrasonic sensors are integrated with an Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC).

Is HC-SR04 analog or digital?

What is the output pin of the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor Why?

This pin has to be kept high for 10us to initialize measurement by sending US wave. Echo pin is an Output pin. This pin goes high for a period of time which will be equal to the time taken for the US wave to return back to the sensor. This pin is connected to the Ground of the system.

Is ultrasonic sensor an ADC?

The LV-MaxSonar-EZ0 ultrasonic sensor interfaces with your microcontroller using an ADC interface. If the ADC is returning an integer value of 2048, you can calculate that a sensor connected to the ADC is outputting a voltage of 1.65 volts.

Can a potentiometer be added to an Arduino Uno?

I am using Arduino Uno + HC SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor and I want to add a potentiometer to manually set a minimum/maximum distance. So far I have been able to measure distances (e.g. moving objects nearer/further) but with no maximum or minimum set.

Why do I need an Arduino proximity sensor?

USB Cable (to connect the Arduino to the computer) As a teacher, there are many things related to student contact that can cause stress, but two things I can address with this project are both proximity-related. The first problem is that during my prep-time or after school students unintentionally sneak up on me.

How does an ultrasonic sensor work on an Arduino?

It allows to detect a presence or to measure a distance via ultrasounds. He sends an ultrasound pulse via his trig terminals and receives them via his echo terminals. The ultrasonic sensor sends 8 pulses of 40KHz via the trig terminals (inaudible to humans, it’s ultrasounds).

When to stop the distance sensor measurement with no potentiometer?

For any reference, this is my working code so far with no potentiometer installed. ” I want to stop the distance sensor measurement when e.g. the sensor doesn’t detect any object within 5cm (5cm being the min value set through the potentiometer) ” Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!