What should be included in a community profile?

What should be included in a community profile?

Profiles can illustrate the makeup of a community and could include information about the diversity within the community, their history, social and economic characteristics, how active people are (i.e. the groups and networks used) and what social and infrastructure services are provided.

What is narrative community Profile Report?

The community profile is a narrative that describes the community affected by the Superfund site. It summarizes demographic information and identifies significant subgroups in the population, languages spoken, and other important characteristics of the affected community.

Why is community profiling important in the community building process?

Community profiling involves building up a picture of the nature, needs and resources of a community with the active participation of that community. It is a useful first stage in any community planning process to establish a context which is widely agreed.

What is community health profile?

A community health profile is a comprehensive compilation of information about a community. The data in a profile reflects the health of a given community from many different angles. A community can refer to a county, a locality within a county, a tribe, or a multi-county region.

How do you define community profile in your own understanding?

Community profiling is a social research method which involves building up a picture of the nature, needs and resources of a locality or community, with the active participation of its members, the aim being to create and implement an action plan to address the issues unearthed.

What are some examples of community issues?

Example Community Problems: Adolescent pregnancy, access to clean drinking water, child abuse and neglect, crime, domestic violence, drug use, pollution, mismanagement of resources, lack of funding for schools and services, ethnic conflict, health disparities, HIV/ AIDS, hunger, inadequate emergency services.

What is the relationship of community profiling and needs assessment?

Community profiling is used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, needs and problems of a community, to make decisions about health services and to justify the allocation of resources (Jack and Holt, 2008) . Health Visiting is targeting to health inequalities and quality of life in communities.

What is the relationship between community profiling and needs assessment?

What is the difference between community profiling and needs assessment?

There might be different ways of using existing resources or delivering existing services. However, community profiles differ from needs assessments because of their focus on resources as well as needs, their emphasis on a participative approach and their action orientation.

What is the importance of community profile?

―[The community profiling tool is] A comprehensive description of the needs of a population that is defined, or defines itself, as a community, and the resources that exist within that community, carried out with the purpose of developing an action plan or other means of improving the quality of life of the community‖ …

What is community entry process?

Community entry is a process of initiating, nurturing, and sustaining a desirable relationship with the community, to secure and sustain the community’s interest. The mode of entry into a community determines the success or failure of the project.

How do you identify community problems?

How should I analyze a community problem?

  1. Justify the choice of the problem.
  2. Frame the problem.
  3. Identify whose behavior and/or what and how environmental factors need to change for the problem to begin to be solved.
  4. Analyze the root causes of the problem.

Developing a community profile involves identifying community issues and attitudes, locating notable features in the study area, and assessing social and economic conditions and trends in the community and region that have a bearing on the project. Preparing a community profile is often an iterative process.

Why do we need a community risk profile?

Therefore, it will be necessary to acquire data to develop a community demographic profile. Risk is often influenced by economic and social issues. Therefore, the community risk-reduction process must address socioeconomic issues. The demographic composition of a community typically includes the statistical data of its population.

When to look at seasonal factors in a community profile?

Seasonal factors need to be looked at in detail at the household level when the team is investigating household livelihood strategies, but a general picture of seasonal patterns of activity is also important during the community profile.

Where can I find a community profile map?

Local government agencies, such as planning or GIS departments, usually have substantial information about their communities. In some cases, they may already have a community profile documented in some form or another. The GIS department may be able to generate maps that can be used later in the CRR process.