Why do I get an error with ESP8266?

Why do I get an error with ESP8266?

I’m getting an error when I compile: Error: unknown opcode or format name ‘jmp’ This reset works great with my Uno+101 setup but, for whatever reason, doesn’t like the ESP8266. I removed the WiFi101 library and added the ESP8266 WiFi libraries. That has been the only change.

How to compile ESP8266 for Arduino IDE?

Sorry, i cannot really help you, but I said , for Arduino IDE , replace AppData\\Local\\Arduino15\\packages\\esp8266\\hardware\\esp8266\\2.3.0-rc2 ools\\sdk folder by sdk folder on git hub version works fine for me. Do not forget for Arduino IDE change esp card , then compile , change to your esp card and compile again .

Where to replace ESP8266 2.3.0 folder in Git?

Someone said above ” replaced the 2.3.0 folder contents in C:\\Users me \\AppData\\Local\\Arduino15\\packages\\esp8266\\hardware\\esp8266\\2.3.0\\ with the git download and it compiles ok” which is what I tried to do but I still get the same error – as I have Arduino IDE and PlatformIO on my machine I am not sure PlatformIO uses this folder anyway.

What happens when the ESP8266 flash memory is clean?

By the way, this is what the ESP8266 prints out when booting if all of the internal memory is clean: Now enjoy a brand new, “clean” memory free from saved information from previous sessions! If you have anything to say, or need a custom sized blank.bin, do leave a comment below…

How to fix ESP8266 library in NodeMCU?

Go to SKETCH > INCLUDE LIBRARY > MANAGE LIBRARIES Install ESP8266 Community Go to TOOLS > BOARD and scroll down to your model of NODEMCU Run compile and your problem should be fixed.

Can a Arduino talk to an ESP8266 Uno?

You may need to #include , but almost all esp8266 headers you include to use any of its functionality will have included it already. The ESP8266 is not an Arduino Uno. It talks a completely different language. It’s like you’re talking Spanish to a Chinese person. It can’t understand you.