Why is Monte Carlo search used?

Why is Monte Carlo search used?

Monte Carlo Tree Search is a method usually used in games to predict the path (moves) that should be taken by the policy to reach the final winning solution. Before we discover the right path(moves) that will lead us for the win. We first need to arrange the moves of the present state of the game.

What are the limitations of Monte Carlo simulation?


  • Computationally inefficient — when you have a large amount of variables bounded to different constraints, it requires a lot of time and a lot of computations to approximate a solution using this method.
  • If poor parameters and constraints are input into the model then poor results will be given as outputs.

How is Monte Carlo simulation used in real life?

Examples of the Monte Carlo simulation

  1. To determine the probability of your opponent’s move in chess.
  2. To calculate the probability of going over budget.
  3. To determine the probability of snow in winter.
  4. To determine the possibility of winning at blackjack.

How are search algorithms different in Monte Carlo?

Tree search algorithms differ depending on which branches are explored and in what order. Let’s discuss a few tree search algorithms. Uninformed Search algorithms, as the name suggests, search a state space without any further information about the goal.

What kind of algorithms are used in AlphaGo?

Algorithm. As of 2016, AlphaGo’s algorithm uses a combination of machine learning and tree search techniques, combined with extensive training, both from human and computer play. It uses Monte Carlo tree search, guided by a “value network” and a “policy network,” both implemented using deep neural network technology.

Which is an example of Monte Carlo tree search?

For example, in the above tree, each move is equivalent to putting a cross at different positions. This branches into various other states where a zero is put at each position to generate new states. This process goes on until the leaf node is reached where the win-loss result becomes clear.

How does AlphaGo use machine learning to find its moves?

AlphaGo and its successors use a Monte Carlo tree search algorithm to find its moves based on knowledge previously “learned” by machine learning, specifically by an artificial neural network (a deep learning method) by extensive training, both from human and computer play.